Thursday, May 9, 2019

VIDEO: Laura Loomer Breaks Down in Tears in Live Interview

I don't follow Laura Loomer so I don't know what her positions are. But here are a few points from a libertarian perspective.

1. Trump should not be doing anything. If we are fighting against the state, we should not be demanding the state force others to do anything. Such as forcing bakers to bake cakes or forcing social media giants to put up posts or videos they don't want to. The same principle is involved.

2. It is tough out there, when you are in the minority those who do not appreciate open debate will attempt to shut you down. That is always how it has been.

BUT there are always workarounds.

If freedom fighters found workarounds in the much more totalitarian Soviet Union (Samizdats for example) then surely workarounds can be found in the present-day United States.

3. On a personal level, it looks like Loomer needs someone to discuss REBT with, to understand how to deal with the world. I recommend Dr. Michael Edelstein.


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