Monday, May 20, 2019

VIDEO Jordan Peterson Talks to Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos
The below is very long but interesting, especially the sidebar topics.

There is a lot here, including the below which were mostly part of the side topics:

Milo talked about the coordinated attack against him that was launched by National Review.

How other conservative and libertarian commentators will be taken out.

Why conservative Catholics should hope the next Pope is from an African nation.

Why social media doesn't matter.

About his new upcoming online television show modelled somewhat along the lines of the Johnny Carson Show.

And Jordon Peterson had this to say about the meat of the interview:
I should start by saying that Milo is definitely now on the list of those who no one acceptable socially should ever speak to, which I suppose is one of the reasons why I’m talking to him. I want to know what happened to him over the last few years, in his words, and I don’t really give a damn if that’s politically incorrect. I also plan to post clips directly from this discussion on Facebook this week. We'll all see (all who are interested) what happens when that occurs...
In my view, for what it’s worth, Milo was such a figure of inner contradiction and outer controversy that I believed his time was numbered. Nonetheless, the circumstances of his demise were unpredictable, I would say (and that’s in keeping with his apparent destiny). After revealing details of his early sexual experiences at the hands of a decades older priest, whom he refused to name, he stated that he was an active participant in the events, and that such occurrences were far more common (and far more consensual) than people were willing to admit.  I don’t think he ever recovered from the controversy that those comments generated. 
In case it has to be said, and no doubt it does, I believe that what happened to him was absolutely unforgivable, and it would seem that he has come to share that opinion. Our conversation centered mostly around these issues, which I believe to be of wide general relevance. Hence the video.




  1. I believe Milo on what he says about pedophilia because it's no news at all.
    Just check Plato's Symposium.

  2. Fascinating interview! The analysis of the Catholic Church was especially riveting. Thanks for posting.