Thursday, May 30, 2019

Is the US Trying To Kill Julian Assange?

Julian Assange 
In the somber video below, Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams try to grapple with the horrific treatment of Julian Assange in a British prison under the watchful eyes of the United States government.

Assange is reportedly gravely ill, is this the way the US government wants things to go for Assange?

And where is the American mainstream media coverage of such treatment of Assange who has essentially been charged with nothing other than exposing truth about the US government for the American public to see?

Daniel McAdams closing comment in the video is correct. The US government tactics against Assange are a further attempt to silence independent journalism, leaving the news field to the mainstream media that will do nothing but cover internal squabbles between different factions inside the Deep State but never question the Deep State itself.



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  1. I will be surprised if he makes it to a court room alive in the USSA