Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Is Tulsi Gabbard an Establishment Plant?

UPDATE BELOW: Further perspective on being a CFR member.

Kevin K. emails:
Regarding Tulsi Gabbard, are you aware that  she’s listed on the “Membership Roster” of the  CFR website?  Do you have any concern that she’s a “swamp creature” in disguise?
RW response:
The establishment runs on a sort of Leninist hierarchy structure. There are lower-level organizations that are somehow influencer types and higher-level organizations which are very limited in member numbers but very powerful.
The CFR has 5,000 plus members so it is not very high up on the hierarchy. It is not a populist organization designed to recruit the masses but at 5,000 it is a lower level influencer group where the establishment thinks it can use an individual member on a specific topic if necessary.

From what I have seen of Tulsi, I can only say good luck to the establishment if they think they can flip her.
The CFR knows what it is dealing with when it comes to her. Its presidential profile of her concludes this way:  
"Evan Hill criticized Gabbard’s foreign policy views in The Nation. He concluded that 'Gabbard’s heterodox views and military service could yet animate a significant number of voters and shift the debate, but not for the better: Taken together, Gabbard’s positions represent almost everything a left foreign policy should avoid.'”


Jay Stephenson emails:


  1. Talking outside the Oval puppet house are nice and all but when you get the full attention of unelected deep state I dont care who you are you will cave and play along or they will deep 6 you.

    Standard operating procedure.

  2. She could just as easily turn on a dime if elected. I doubt her cabinet would look any different than BHO's.