Friday, May 3, 2019

George H.W. Bush: The Networker


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  1. A while back I was reading Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and found this quote below, which I also thought was very interested. So interesting that I keep it in some readily accessible notes of mine. Clinton isn't mentioned anywhere else in the book. There's a few pages of bibliography for Ego is the Enemy but it's otherwise unclear where he got this insight.

    "As a young man, Bill Clinton began a collection of note cards upon which he would write names and phone numbers of friends and acquaintances who might be of service when he eventually entered politics. Each night, before he ever had a reason to, he would flip through the box, make phone calls, write letters, or add notations about their interactions. Over the years, this collection grew—to ten thousand cards (before it was eventually digitized). It’s what put him in the Oval Office and continues to return dividends."