Sunday, May 12, 2019

These Are AOC Tweets Right Next to Each Other...

...She's Trumplette-like in style. She will say anything in the moment, even if it contradicts other things she has said.

There's this:

But she has this pinned as a tweet:


  1. MAGA redefined: Make Alexandria Go Away

  2. I am not sure of the threat here. Most will dismiss her as being incoherent and not give it a second thought. So maybe THAT is THE threat. That her comments being so absurd, incoherent, and ridiculous that they don't receive their due critique to smash them and so as a result gain traction in their own right as unquestioned truths. Tell a big enough lie long enough and . . . well, you get the picture.

  3. The Green New Deal is tactical. A tactical mistake for the left, to the degree that some of the more radical parts of it may have been installed by infiltrators. AOC may have finally realized this and is now backing off.

    The left has overestimated the degree to which mundanes have been conditioned to accept climate change as a threat, that it is primarily anthropogenic and that the lefts proposed solutions will be effective. Not to mention the aspects of the GND that have nothing to do with climate. Even Millennials have issues with the GND once they understand what is in it.

    The left needed to wait until Gen Z comes of age. Gen Z seems to have been adequately conditioned to accept all the craziness of the GND. The left probably thinks bringing it our now is all part of the conditioning. To some extent this tactic may be effective. I think it is too much too soon.