Sunday, May 26, 2019

An Important Comment From Trump on the Recent North Korean Missile Tests

The president has provided some much-needed de-escalation about the North Korean situation.

BTW, there are many South Koreans in California. When you ask them about North Korea's Kim Jung Un, they always just laugh or smile. They don't take him seriously and don't feel threatened by him.

Just this past week a South Korean girl told me when I asked her about Kim: "He is just like his father, they are always making threats." She then shrugged.

But then there is this guy (via The Washington Post):
 John Bolton, who on Saturday had warned reporters here that there is “no doubt” North Korea’s missile tests violated United Nations Security Council resolutions, adding that Trump is determined to maintain sanctions pressure on the regime until it backs down.

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  1. Trump's "de-escalation" (as you called it) should be contrasted with his unnecessary escalation of the conflict between the US and Iran. What exactly is different?

    I don't think Trump's dismissive attitude towards NK's petards is based on his interest to de-escalate anything but because he promised his adoring fans he was going to solve the NK issue in twenty minutes since he's the master deal maker and God forgive he would have to concede he was wrong; whereas he promised the same group of gullible Bubbas he was going to renege from the Iranian nuclear deal because the Bubbas happen not to like the Ay-ray-nee-uns. Oh, and he promised them a wall.