Tuesday, April 16, 2019

With a Vicious Video, Bill Weld Launches Campaign Against Trump

Bill Weld
Bill Weld announced on Monday that he will challenge Donald Trump and seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Weld was a controversial Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate in 2016.

Jesse Walker noted at the time:
I think Weld is a terrible choice...
He had always been a law-and-order guy, and in 1993 that led him to endorse a ban on various “assault weapons” along with other state-level gun control measures. And in foreign policy—not a big deal for a governor, but kind of important in a presidential ticket—he showed his stripes in the 2004 election, when Weld was out of office but still came out for George W. Bush. Appearing on the Charlie Rose show 10 months after the invasion of Iraq, Weld acknowledged that he differed from the president on “some of the social issues” but declared that Bush had proven himself in the global sphere: “we face grave responsibilities, and I think he really has grown in office and risen to the international challenge.”
Those are far from Weld’s only anti-libertarian positions. [There is] his support for the use of eminent domain in the Atlantic Yards land-grab... if I wanted to elect an Iraq hawk for gun control, I could vote for Hillary Clinton.
Weld is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In the video below, released yesterday in conjunction with his campaign launch, he goes vicious on Trump at the 2:01 mark.



  1. The WikiLeaks mention was interesting. What was that all about? Did he simply want to point out that Trump flip-flops?

  2. So Weld, who was promoted endlessly by that vile creep Sarwark as the LP presidential candidate for 2020, is apparently on board in starting WW III with Russia.

    2:25: Shameful, dangerous and weak. Some of the words lawmakers in both parties are using to describe President Trump’s remarks with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin today.

  3. Weld is a douche. You might as well vote for Trump.