Monday, April 29, 2019

Who is Judge Napolitano's Pal That Needs a Pardon?

At the post, Trump Attacks Judge Napolitano, where I provide a copy of President Trump's tweet where he states the Judge asked for a pardon for a friend, The NAPster comments:

I was hoping that, as one of the few libertarians with direct access to Trump, Napolitano might have approached Trump to ask for pardons for Assange, Manning, Snowden, and Ulbricht.
All these people deserve pardons, not all but most are even heroes, but I am quite confident the Judge did not request a pardon for any of these people.

I am pretty sure I have a good understanding of the situation and the person Napolitano would have requested a pardon for deserves one and it will be interesting to see what pardons come down around Christmas 2020 after the elections.

Trump is in way over his head when it comes to presidency and economics and foreign policy but he is very street smart. If he would have told Napolitano a pardon was coming that would certainly have been viewed as obstruction if it got out. He instinctively knew it was a dumb move to discuss with Napolitano even if he is considering a pardon down the road.



  1. Trump is a bull in a political china chop

  2. For someone who's "in way over his head" - he's doing pretty damn well. He has survived an unprecedented soft coup attempt, taken down two political dynasties, set the Democrats up for a major blowback over the coup and deranged impeachment efforts, and is getting ready for an epic counter-attack through declassification and investigations into political surveillance by Obama which apparently started in 2012. And the economy is still doing well for now with the Fed having backed off raising rates. No announced challenger to him looks like a serious threat at this point.

    Like it or not, Trump continues to outplay his many detractors and doomsayers.

    1. No, Orange man bad. All negative stories are true and all positive ones are fake news. Thought you knew. Lol