Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard on Her Talk with Syrian President Assad

Gabbard his solid, even when they want to corner her.


  1. Interesting that the interviewer simply assumed that (a) chemical weapons have been used, and (b) they were used by Assad's forces. There was no recognition of the work done by some that casts doubts on both assumptions. Tulsi didn't push back on these assumptions either.

    1. I noticed that too. The standard Media narrative is followed unquestioningly. Is the interviewer (a) being disingenuous? That is, she knows the charges are bogus but is pretending they are real, or (b) she is just too lazy to do her research, or (c) is mentally incapable of digesting any information that challenges her world view?

  2. I missed the part where she said its none of the us fed govt's business what Assad does?

  3. She's the great-grandaughter of President Hoover. She's no Julian Assange, more like Anderson Cooper. Her husband is a former CNN journalist. So there's that. When Hoover tried cutting Gabbard off with her pre-fabbed opinion "he just denied it . . .," Gabbard could have reset the terms of the give-and-take with a "he defended his position" to unplug the gaming insincerity of Ms. Hoover. Let's see . . . Gabbard was there, in person with Assad. Hoover was not, and yet Hoover knows what Assad said. Veddy inte'esting . . . .