Monday, April 1, 2019

Trump is the Real Reason Behind the Explosion in Illegal Border Crossings

President Trump, who during the 2016 campaign famously criticized President Obama for announcing his military withdrawal plans in advance which allowed the opposition forces to adjust, has pretty much done the same thing with his idiotic anti-free market plan to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Michael S. Rozeff is correct when he reports:
On top of organizations that promote caravans and border crossings and on top of cartel activity, the prolonged advertisement of a wall to be built, without it actually being built, energizes people to migrate in order to get across before any wall is built or the border closed, whatever that means.


  1. That is a reasonable argument. Personally I think Trump never really wanted a wall, but it made for a good campaign slogan.

  2. What is so complicated here? If you can't show any verifiable legal documentation that you are an American citizen, you ass needs to go back to where you come from just like other sane countries do and racist ones like Mexico as well. Leftist are working against us as well as trash like RW who think everything is about cheap labor and damn the consequences of an inferior people dis-civilizing whatever is left of a working society.

    1. Bingo! These libertardians want to pretend that culture doesn't matter, and they're fine with signing up millions of illegals on welfare. Guess who's footing that bill?

    2. "... just like other countries.. "

      I dont want America to be like other countries. I'm not afraid of immigrants. I'm afraid of feds. You're either a schmuck or a sociopath if you think differently.

    3. Don living in your black and white libertarian world isnt going negate the issues of culture and massive amounts of anything usually isnt good for anyone.