Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Socialists Surge To Victories In Chicago City Council

It is getting really bad.

A total of five democratic socialists, and possibly a sixth, won races for alderman either in February or in Tuesday’s runoff elections in Chicago, reports CBS2 Chicago.

Two members backed by the Democratic Socialists of America won in the first round in February.

Three more DSA-supported candidates won in the runoff.



  1. How long should the "libertarian long game" be?

  2. Remember, these are politicians. And politicians always lie and they never do what their campaign rhetoric promises.

  3. We already know that Chicago is becoming a hellhole, socialist wasteland. Why are more socialist politicians in office news?

  4. The best part of Road Runner cartoons is watching Wiley Coyote set up the gear thinking it's going to work.

    We should encourage these people to make as big of spectacle as possible.

  5. News Flash to Chicago: When you’re in a hole STOP DIGGING!!!