Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mark Levin Destroys the Mueller Report

Compare what Mark Levin does below with the sad comments of Judge Napolitano.




  1. Levin mentions it briefly toward the end.
    The only thing Mueller really did was run interference and cover up for Obama, Clinton and the DNC, i.e. the Establishment/Deep State/Powers That Be if not their tools and catspaws.
    In short it is a bait and switch operation.

    Yes, Virginia, there was collusion, but it mainly involved those screaming the loudest about it then and now, which is their fundamental Alyinski "go to" tactic.

    IOW our very own Revolution continues, if not Gil Scott Heron to the contrary, the Revolution is television, the opiate of the masses, which is why the Lamestream Moron Media continues its daily saturation bombing runs over America.

    Bombs away/Accuse away. It makes no difference what the facts are, the Constitution says or how the Report reads. All must bow before the Golden Calf: Orange Man Delenda Est.

    True, the Orange Man has a rather bloated view of his own irreplaceable importance rather than as a placeholder for the resistance, but one thing at a time, OK.

  2. Uh, OK.

    I'll take one judge Napolitano -a libertarian- over a million Trumpish Levines, thank you very much.

  3. Judge Nap sold his soul, sadly. They might have dirt on him. He hasn't been the same man since his suspension.