Friday, April 19, 2019

Judge Napolitano Rips ‘Venal, Amoral, Deceptive’ Trump

Judge Napolitano
What is up with Judge Napolitano?

A friend who is a serious player and really understands Washington D.C. is baffled by recent comments by Napolitano and even suggests that he might be being blackmailed.
Napolitano said earlier today that there may be enough evidence in the Mueller report to prosecute President Trump on obstruction.

He said Trump “is not exactly cleared.”

Watch Napolitano's stunning comments in the neocon produced clip here.

But what president hasn't sought power and instructed aides to lie?

Trump made very low-level, ham-handed, power protection attempts, nothing compared to say George H.W. Bush or LBJ, for just two obvious examples.

Why single out Trump?

This is an inside the Beltway power battle and Napolitano, for some reason, has switched sides.



  1. Wait! What? A president lied? How can that be judge Nap?

  2. I guess Trump should have picked his long-time tenant Napolitano for the USSC when he had the chance. 😁

  3. Why is the Deep State is still down on Trump? He is doing pretty much everything they want now.

  4. The Judge shills for the deep state hardcore now. Surprised he was even able to defend Assange.