Thursday, April 11, 2019

Is Trump Playing Three-Dimensional Chess With Assange?

Garrett S. emails:
Do you think it’s possible Trump is allowing prosecution of Assange to go forward in order to extract dirt on dems regarding Russiagate?  Maybe he’s also looking for Assange to dish on who turned over emails from 2016 to show it was a dem insider.
RW response:

This is an interesting question. I doubt though it is the case. 

Assange has already stated multiple times that he did not receive the documents from Russia. It would be extremely unlikely he would name his source and if he did, it wouldn't shift the claims of the Democrats that Russia helped in the election of Trump. They would just continue with the claim that Russia hackers and social media operatives skewed the election towards Trump.

Trump has plenty to go after the plotters behind Russiagate by showing that they fabricated FISA warrants etc.

The key is to understand that while parts of the Deep State want to see Trump removed from office, he is in bed with other parts of the Deep State, particularly the military, that want to see Assange in jail for the rest of his life or dead.

What is noteworthy about the charge against Assange at this point is that it is essentially "attempted hacking" which only carries a 5-year sentence.

I suspect this was done only to make his extradition from England to the U.S. easier.

Once he is in the U.S., I expect further charges will be brought that include treason (or whatever for a non-American) so that life in prison or death as sentences are on the table.


  1. Isn't it kinda hard to prove "treason" if you're Australian?
    Didn't Trump say "I love Wikileaks!" during the debates?
    Didn't Wikileaks offer a reward for info on Seth Rich's murder?
    Didn't Ray McGovern say the DNC "hack" was from inside the DNC?
    Inquiring minds want to know...

  2. Military "intelligence" wants him dead for the Collateral Murder video. The Democrats want him dead for exposing Hillary's criminality. The American people can't find Russia on a map and are brain dead. He's cooked.

  3. Yeah they will have their way with him and it confirms there is no truth to be had in the press and this POS totalitarian oligarchy is moving toward Orwell's censorship example.

  4. Assange has nearly come out and said Seth Rich was the leaker several times. He tried to walk it back, but he pretty much reveals Seth Rich's involvement with Wikileaks several times in this interview:

  5. The upside is you will likely get a left-wing warmonger, or socialist, in office instead of a right-wing corporatist clown.

    MANY of Trump's voters are seriously pissed at Assange's arrest.