Friday, April 12, 2019

"I do not get my news from CNN for the same reason I do not eat out of the toilet."

By Roger Stone

In January, when heavily armed FBI agents swarmed my south Florida home in the predawn hours to arrest me for a series of process crimes, it changed my life far more than I ever imagined. The judge in my case has issued a gag order so I am not permitted to discuss the case, the prosecution, the court or the specific charges against me and will not do so here. As the judge said, the place for talking is in court — and that time will come.


A vast American television audience was allowed to view the spectacle
 of my arrest, because CNN arrived
 15 minutes before the FBI swat team. CNN denies it was tipped off, instead chalking its good fortune up to a ‘hunch’. President Trump asked in a tweet 
‘Who alerted CNN?’ Who indeed?

This week, it was widely reported that the FBI is refusing to turn over emails between the agency and CNN in the days before the raid on my home. Now the US Department of Justice is being sued 
for these documents and perhaps we 
will learn the truth about how and why CNN was present and why it was allowed to stay when the street was sealed off
 to all others.


CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, Politico and the Wall Street Journal have repeatedly accused me baselessly of collusion with the Russians, conspiracy, and treason. That is not the case. I plan a vigorous legal defense. I will be vindicated.

The vicious biased media coverage since I was charged has been well beyond anything I have seen in
 50 years of American politics. At an appropriate time I will document the lies and misrepresentations. Of the press, suffice to say, CNN is not a news organization but a propaganda front. I do not get my news from CNN for the same reason I do not eat out of the toilet. Wolf Blitzer can kiss my ass!


The last two years have taken an extraordinary toll on my family. We lost our home, our savings, and my ability to make a living. I am no longer allowed to talk and write about the topics people most want to pay me 
to speak about.

This week, we moved from our nine-room home to a one-bedroom apartment. Frankly, I got tired of the tour buses pulling up in front of the house and hearing the dissertation from the tour guide regarding my arrest. I was also getting on average of 10 death threats a week. The new place is much smaller but more secure.

Unfortunately, because we could not afford a moving company, my wife Nydia and I did the move ourselves. In a freak accident on the final day of our move, Nydia broke her ankle when the truck broke out of gear, slid and hit her. She is on the mend and still supervising the unpacking of our things in our new residence.

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  1. I'm sure he'll write a splendid book about all of this, when all is said and done. I can hardly wait.

  2. What happened to Stone is a cautionary tale about allying yourself with an amoral and irresponsible con artist who lies his way into everything, even at times when he doesn't have to. Trump indeed destroys everything he touches.

    1. Really? That's you're takeaway?

    2. Yes, that's my takeaway. Wanna make something out of it?

    3. Why? You gonna cut me if I do? LMAO

    4. @OldMexicanFool,

      Maybe the takeaway is that our government is corrupt beyond all repair and this is what happens to someone who tries to shine a light, however small, on the corruption and malfeasance?

  3. "I do not get my news from CNN for the same reason I do not eat out of the toilet."

    Ha ha, funny.

    I do get some of my news from CNN. I used to watch Fox News almost always right after CNN switched to anti-gun activism during the George Zimmerman's show trial, but I recently switched back to CNN after Fox News went to full frontal Trump-fellating mode. Sure, I yell at the CNN anchors many times, I get outraged when they say something economically ignorant or stupid, but I just couldn't take seeing Brian Kilmeade's stupid eyebrow-less face and that idiot bubblehead bimbo Ainsley Earhart just spewing nonsense and BS. To illustrate just how bad Fox has fallen from my grace: I am a huge fan of Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, but after someone in Fox corporate muzzled her (I think) and made her parade Trumpish mouthpieces in her show to the detriment of its enjoyment, I had to stop seeing it.

    So yeah, maybe CNN is a toiled but Fox News is a Trump-fellating cesspool. One knows that in a bind the water in a toilet is slightly cleaner than judge Pirro's mind, and that's saying much.

    1. So, it's just one or the other for you? You should realize that there ARE other alternatives out there besides choice A (dog shit) and choice B (cat shit).

  4. I love Stone's "take no prisoners" approach to life. I wish that I was able to live that way. I'm certainly rooting for him.