Sunday, April 7, 2019

Doug Casey on the CIA

During an interview he says

The CIA – along with the NSA, the DEA, and a bunch of others – should be abolished, because the CIA has become an actual Praetorian guard. It’s become a government within a government. They have their own armed forces, they have their own sources of income. You can go rogue within the CIA, and if you’re powerful enough or clever enough you can basically do what you want because you’re an armed government agent that’s a member of a very powerful group.

These people are completely out of control. And they have a powerful propaganda machine that works around the clock to convince ignorant and paranoid Boobus americanus that they’re actually good guys, working for his interests against the rest of the world.

The CIA should be abolished because it’s dysfunctional, but also because it serves no useful purpose. It’s never ever predicted, through its so-called “intelligence gathering,” anything of value – ever. The Korean War, the rise of Castro, the fall of the Shah, the rise of Islam, the fact that the Soviet Union was just an empty shell – you know, they thought the Soviet Union was actually competing with the U.S. from an economic point of view. They’re always absolutely wrong on everything. It defies the odds of pure chance. They’re not just useless, but extremely dangerous. All the coups and revolutions they’ve plotted were disasters.

Can you abolish them? Can you get rid of them at this point? No, they’re far too powerful. And anybody that tries is either going to be killed and/or discredited by their black propaganda. At this point the situation’s completely out of control, and we just have to see where it ends. As an individual American, you should try to insulate yourself from these people. Because they’re not going away; they’re going to become even more powerful.


  1. "They’re not just useless, but extremely dangerous. All the coups and revolutions they’ve plotted were disasters."

    Ah, but these intelligence agencies are useful to someone to somebodies, right? As George Carlin said, "It's a big club you are not in it".

    It seems that after the war, Truman created the forerunners of these agencies with assets seized from the Japanese and probably Germany. The fact of the matter is that Nazi Inc. has probably outlasted the Reich a lot longer than people think.

  2. While listing all the events the CIA missed, he left out one... “the assassination of JFK”. Although, it’s safe to say they knew ALL about that!

  3. The absolute worst part of it all is that we are forced to fund these villains with our tax dollars. Basically we are paying for our own slavery and abuse. They are far worse than the Mafia in every respect. Think Mafia with the power of the State behind them. Think Mafia where "civilians" are fair game, rather than generally being left alone.