Friday, March 8, 2019

What MSM Didn't Report About the SJWs in Tinton Falls, NJ

An email has hit my inbox regarding a 2017 post, Should I Care About This Corporate Culture Any Differently Than an SJW Corporate Culture?.

I post it here in full:

Mr Wenzel,

I was just explaining one of my former employers with a new colleague of mine.  During our talk, the topic of "slimy people" and "opportunists" came up.  It prompted me to Google a debacle that occurred back when I was working for Corporate Bailout LLC in Tinton Falls NJ.  Its something I'll honestly never forget because it was both extensively and more important,  FALSELY covered in just about every major media outlet in the Tri State area.  Even some overseas outlets covered it!

I remember reading about the accusations and thinking to myself "this is 99.9% BULLS*IT and the 1% is only half true!  I wasn't named in any of the accusations because I was just a consultant.  But the truth is,  the greed and creativity of a few SJW women we worked with at the time ended up costing me a job (firm closed down afterwards)  and ultimately my family's home because I was unable to pay the rent afterwards.

So I stumbled across your article today and I wanted to let you know how refreshing it was that someone on the outside actually saw through the BS and perhaps realized what REALLY happened. 

The funny thing about those false accusations were that [the mastermind and recruiter of SJW's]  was the one who brought the form to my desk and asked me to sign consent for "adult entertainment. " We ALL were given permission to either stay and hang out OR go home and get a paid day off!   There was NOT ONE person forced to stay or belittled into feeling like a "prude" for leaving!  Least of all, her or her recruits!  In fact,  there are many pictures that exist of her and her girls partying up with everyone else.

The bottom line is,  she saw an opportunity to legally blackmail a wealthy and vulnerable (due to his past)  guy.  You can sue anyone for ANYTHING these days!  We talk about SJW's and if there were a picture of it in the dictionary,  she is a perfect example!  Trust me.... She isn't garnering ANY male attention regardless of how much alcohol is involved! Miss Piggy comes to mind when I see her name in writing.

What these papers FAILED to report on is how generous Mark Mancino was to those who were good employees for the company and who may have been in need at the time.  They were right about the "gifts" he gave out.   I once got a $10k bonus for being Top Sales!  When my car engine seized,  guess who took me to get a new vehicle and paid for it in cash?  Mark Mancino did!  He said "I know what its like to struggle with a family to support."  Never did I flirt with  or offer sexual favors to him.  In case you haven't guessed,  I'm not even a female!  I'm just a married father of 4 who HAD a great job with a really fun company until a few EVIL SJW's decided that they finally had the perfect target!

As you can imagine,  seeing those articles both made me laugh and angered me at the same time.  I laughed because I couldn't believe anyone would print that stuff without making sure it was true first. I was angry for the very same reason!  YOUR article hit the nail right on the head! 

I realize its old news now... But take this from someone who was there for over a year...  NONE of those accusations were true.  Yes,  we had a party with a stripper.  End of story!  That lawsuit was an absolute joke and EVERYONE knows it!  It just proves what a SJW can do when motivated enough.  By the way.... The SJW tried recruiting many others to join in her crusade but no one else took the bait.  Apparently here are some people who know the difference between fact and fiction.  Unfortunately,  these girls weren't among them.  Anyway,  great article,  brother!  I wish I would've seen it a little earlier.   Best of luck to you.


Former Employee Corp Bailout LLC.


Here is a follow-up letter after I notified the emailer I was going to publish the letter and I told him he was a good writer.
Mr Wenzel,  
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email!  As you can see,  it's something that I'm still passionate about even to this day. At the time,  Mr.  Mancino just wanted it all to end.  Out of respect,  we just kept our mouths shut in order get it out of the news cycle as quickly as possible.  I can't say that I blame him.  Within two days, calculated greed literally upended the lives of 60 plus people and their families.  
I'm absolutely amazed that you nailed it the way you did!  Nicely done,  Sir!  If my email helps to shed some light on the issue for others, it would be both an honor and a pleasure.  Those women tried to ruin a good man and in many ways were successful. They should all choke on whatever money their lawyer managed to get them. 

Your encouragement about my writing is something that means more to me than you probably know.  Being a writer has been my life's dream since i was in middle school!  I was a bit of an anomaly all the way through college.  I was the kid taking basic math classes with students much younger than I was. On the other  side, when it came to  English and creative writing classes, I was forever being placed with those who most considered to be "nerds."  (God forgive me)
My wife tells me that I'm "wasting my gifts" because she knows how much i love to write.  My challenge is that I have no idea where to start.  If you have any advice or would consider giving me a bit of a map, I'd be forever in your debt,  Mr. Wenzel.   Even if nothing were to come of it,  please know that I consider a professional  writer taking the time to respond and encourage me as a compliment of the highest regard!  Thank you so much for that! 
If I can help in any way moving forward,  please don't hesitate to let me know.  Have a great night and thanks again, Mr Wenzel. 
Best  Regards, 

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