Tuesday, March 5, 2019

VIDEO: Van Jones Raw and Uncut

Van Jones
James O'Keefe writes:

I just got home from an exciting week at CPAC after sharing our Facebook investigation with thousands of activists on the main stage.

Also while I was there, I ran into an old "friend", and a target of one of our prior investigations.

His name is Van Jones and he is the host of the Van Jones Show on CNN.   You may recall that in 2017, our journalists exposed CNN and featured Mr. Jones.  He told our journalists that the investigation into Russian collusion was a “nothing burger.”

Surprisingly -- he was at CPAC -- and our journalist and I decided to say hello.  In fact, I recorded our conversation during which he accused our journalist of deceptive editing.

In response to his ridiculous accusations I thought it might be timely to release the raw and unedited video of his exchange with Veritas in 2017.

Did it show his comments were taken out of context?  Of course not!  The video showed banter between our journalist and Van Jones about taking an Uber.  The conversation ended with Jones’ now infamous “nothing burger” comment.

So who is right here?  Van Jones or our journalist?

You can watch the full video for yourself HERE.


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