Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Intersectionality at a Democratic Socialists of America Event

From New York magazine:
In November, after the midterm elections, which Democrats in Albany swept, I attended a Queens branch meeting in a predominantly Mexican section of Jackson Heights. The meeting’s demographic makeup, as usual, was considerably whiter. At the beginning of the session, a DSA member stood up in front of the room and explained DSA’s “progressive stack” policy, in which white guys are encouraged to cede the floor when possible to ward off mansplaining. “We will be prioritizing non-men and people of color, so to try to work to try to undo some of the historical injustices,” he said. (He is white.)... 
A little later,a health-care coordinator for DSA’s socialist-feminist working group took the floor.
 In November, thanks in part to DSA-friendly candidates, the Democrats fully took control of the New York State Senate for the first time in a decade. “Who knows how many years out of the last 50 years have the Democrats had the majority?” she asked. A middle-aged guy in a green pullover held up three fingers in A-okay formation. He was correct, but she wasn’t pleased. “I see you’re trying to answer that question, but that is a white-supremacist hand signal.”... 
[Sean] McElwee, a lapsed Evangelical Christian who used to intern at the libertarian Reason Foundation, has through sheer chutzpah transformed himself into one of the go-to voices of New York City socialism. (He tracks the performance of Abolish ICE tweets via Excel spreadsheet.) I saw him again at a happy hour a month later. “What’s your name again?” he asked me. “I always forget white guys’ names.” (McElwee is white.) 


  1. That Sean McElwee bit is great because Evangelicals and SJWs (I want to add crossfit fanatics and vegans) all have the same mental disease of needing to be morally superior to you and letting you know it at every opportunity. Stated differently, transitioning from Evangelical to socialist was a lateral move.

  2. How arrogant of this man to think he can undo historical injustices by letting a black man to the front of the line. This doesn't erase the pain that was felt by his ancestor who is now dead. And the fact that he thinks all transgressions from one individual into another makes all people with a similar skin color of the perpetrator both now and in the future guilty is pure racist ideology. This is precisely the thinking of the KKK, Hitler, Neo Nazis, etc.

  3. I am reminded of the play on the Park Sausage ad in the ‘60’s ( “ More Park sausages, Ma!”) during the slaughter of white hostages, nuns and priests, by Congolese rebels: “ More white hostages, ma!”

    The difference being that today’s “ hostages” are tripping over themselves to fill that role.