Thursday, March 28, 2019

Statism On the Rise

Prof. Murray Sabrin emails:

Bob:  I just posted this on my blog.

We are in deep trouble.  Statism on the rise.  


Murray Sabrin, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance,
Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise (founder)
Ramapo College of New Jersey

RW note:

The masses are being manoeuvred in a very bad direction. I don't see anything positive on the horizon except for those of us that like to battle statists. We will have more opportunities to attack bad thinking and policy than at any other time in American history.


  1. More and more people would choose a life of drab and mediocre predictability and security, over a life of insecure, risky independence and liberty; Life on a giant, Federal Indian reservation---where choice is limited and life is rote drudgery, with fodder and shelter provided by our shepherds---vs. running free and self-sovereign...

  2. These numbers look about the same as they would have been years ago.

    The first two items are standards of the pro-female faction that makes up about three quarters of people give or take 10%, so that's not a surprise.

    Boosting minimum wage is always about that popular.

    The free sh*t army has been hovering around 50% for a long time, so with a small margin of error 57% isn't anything shocking for free college since that likely adds the parents of nearly everyone with a kid between 15-20 years old.

    Medicare for all, again, same as the free college, around 50% is the expected value for the last decade or more.

    UBI is where massive gains should be, but its at 28%. Given that 25 million people filing federal income tax forms get the earned income tax credit this number too is hardly surprising or anything shocking on the rise of statism.

    Also what would be expected after a decade of financial repression of low interest rates and stagnant wages with rising prices in the crony sectors but to want to tax the rich? It's not like people are going to research the root cause. They have always wanted the quick fix. Otherwise Ron Paul would have been president in 2009.

    I don't see any dramatic shift here. Just things going along the same road. It will end when the tax donkeys are dead, run away, and/or simply can't be worked any harder.

  3. Are these the same "pollsters" who predicted a Hillary landslide one day before the 2016 election?

    1. It looks like this is a CNBC survey of 800 people. I'm not saying these numbers aren't increasing, but I would be very surprised if CNBC put out survey results that say anything but this. Very suspicious of a political "news" organization who put out survey results like this. Who was surveyed? CNBC watchers? If you look at a drudge poll, probably 95 percent of Americans oppose further gun control legislation too. It seems like this is an attempt to try to normalize extreme views and portray them as mainstream.

  4. You do realize that the rise of Statism is a direct result of giving women the vote. The nineteenth amendment was a national tragedy.