Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fake News and the College Bribery Scandal

I see that Chubba Dog is spreading, at the post The Real Big Time Bribes Going on at Colleges and Universities, a right-wing emerging urban myth that only lefties were caught up in the FBI dragnet:

"Yeah, the government has far greater influence, but it's still very entertaining seeing these leftists getting arrested and exposed."
Not true. I know for a fact that some right-wing/libertarian types were arrested in the sting.

And as far as well-connected libertarians doing a comparable thing but not getting caught well that's a story for someone else to tell.

But the general idea that some right wingers don't do this kind of thing is absurd.

Still, this is all a sideshow compared to the real problem.



  1. I am wondering why people are so shocked at something that has been an on going practice for so long that its made fun of in entertainment. It's something right out of the Thornton Mellon Business school. (Back to School, Rodney Dangerfield, 1986)

  2. I see the major issue with this bribery scandal as something different. The current socialism trend is based on envy of others that have more opportunity or"privileges". This scandle will highlight the special preferences the aristocratic classes in the US could gather for themselves and further help bolster the AOC backers. Unfortunately it seems like the masses are going to be further pitted against the elites, and the middle class are going to feel the effect of it. In actuality many of the people that are getting arrested were brought up poor or middle-class and made a lot of money for themselves are just trying to help their kids (or making up for their own insecurities for not having attended college). Judging by how the real value of higher-level education is decreasing, it doesn't seem wise to invest so much money into getting once children into these institutions.

    1. However as socialism institutionalizes more of life the more who you know and who you can bribe matters. They'll be making the problems even worse.

  3. Since college degrees have become basically worthless for most kids, the only thing of value they get out of it is the name on the diploma (Harvard, Yale, etc)

  4. I can sort of understand the criminalization---or at least ostracism and stigmatization---of the act of receiving bribes, in certain situations involving a fiduciary duty or position of trust, etc. But why is the bribe-giver or offerer excoriated let alone criminally charged? It's the bribe-taker who allowed himself to be enticed, and who lacked self-discipline to resist the enticements and the siren-song of the bribe-giver.