Saturday, March 2, 2019

Eric Margolis on the Trump-Kim Negotiation Fiasco

Global war correspondent Margolis writes:
So-called ‘denuclearizing’ North Korea was always snake oil.  The only effective way to reduce Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal is to engage in patient quid pro quo concessions over years.  A better way would be to declare an end to the 1950 Korean War and slowly lift crushing US sanctions against North Korea, then let South Korea take the lead in rebuilding the North.  And, most of all, cease US threats to invade North Korea and/or overthrow the Kim dynasty...
President Trump is an amateur diplomat even though he thinks he’s a king.  All the attention he gets from US media has clearly gone to his head.  His `Art of the Deal’ did not work in Hanoi...
Trump’s insistence that North Korea scrap most or even all of its nuclear weapons in exchange for a moderate lessening of US sanctions looked like a non-starter before Trump left for Hanoi.  It’s very likely that arch war-monger John Bolton, who sabotaged previous nuclear deals with Iran and North Korea, played a major role in this fiasco.
My take the day after Trump walked away from negotiations was not much different:
Surrounded by crazed neocons, President Trump in Hanoi wanted to dispense with foreplay and wanted North Korea's leader to pull his nukes out---on their second date!
Is this Trump-style seduction? Is this the art of the deal?...

Demanding Kim take apart his nukes as a first step is absurd.

Trust needs to be gained over time. Something that Trump and his neocon advisers apparently don't want to develop.

Trump, as a goodwill gesture, should have unilaterally ended sanctions against the country. Seduce the North Korean people with American made jeans and cellphones. Make Kim look like a genius to his people.

Let the American temptations of a high standard of living sink in. This could take years. Then you make your moves with demands about nukes etc. But to demand denuclearization out of the gate is a loser move.
Trump has just made the world a much more dangerous place.


  1. I want Candidate Trump back! Candidate Trump seemed to be wise to the NeoCons game. President Trump seems enthralled by them.

    1. Yeah, that's why he had total nutjob Michael Flynn at his side during the entire campaign.

      You got sucked in to Trump great leader complex.