Sunday, March 31, 2019

Does Trump Know How to Play Three-Dimensional Chess Afterall?

Ok, I have always considered President Trump a superior street hustler with no deep think game. But I may be about to change my opinion.

With regard to the Mueller investigation, he may have been following the very wise words of Miss Sloane:

The winner plots one step ahead of the opposition and plays their trump card just after they play theirs.
Miss Sloane is a very underappreciated movie that provides serious instruction for those in the political game:

President Trump is seemingly playing a Miss Sloane three-dimensional game right now.

He let the anti-Trump crowd play their Mueller card and is now surprising them with a fierce counterattack.

I mean he waited and bad-mouthed the Mueller investigation, but it appears he is in vicious counterattack mode now.

First, we have the indictment of Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' attorney, on both coasts! Possibly a coincidence but there are plenty of people who will tell you there is no such thing as coincidence in politics.

Then we have Republicans calling for  Adam Schiff to step down as head of the House  Intelligence Committee.

And there is now this:
And this happened:

I don't mind politicos going after each other and Trump is in the heavyweight class, but it is early in the post-Mueller investigation period, so lets see if he can really strategize and punch like Miss Sloane.


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