Friday, March 1, 2019

Bezos Blows Up Seattle Expansion Plans

Jeff Bezos
New York City is not the only socialist haven where Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is saying "enough" and killing expansion plans.

It is killing some plans in its headquarters city of Seattle.

The company has officially listed a sublease for its floors in Seattle’s Rainier Square tower that were to be used as office space, reports Gizmodo.

It is believed the decision not to use the space by the company may be linked to a proposed and approved new “head tax” on big businesses which Amazon fiercely opposed. The tax was eventually repealed but it appears Amazon believes it was a narrow escape and the socialists and other interventionists will be back with new taxes aimed at Amazon.

Indeed,  socialist Kshama Sawant, a Seattle council member, slammed the head tax repeal last year. Following news of Amazon’s abandonment of its Rainier Square space this week, Sawant tweeted that the incident was a “lesson” that rather than “caving to billionaire class, workers across cities must unite to tax big biz, create jobs to fund housing, services!”



  1. Why doesnt this joker just front the money to start a fresh municipality full of Bezoise who see things his way like that cult up in Oregon did? If The Mormons can build Salt Lake City from scratch surely he can do something similar. Why waste time and money trying to crack into established protection rackets? Start your own. Call it Bezopolis or Bezondria. Bezotium, seat of the Bezotian Empire?

  2. Bozos is all in favor of socialism as long as it doesn't affect him.