Monday, March 25, 2019

Another Nutty Intervention in the People's Republic of San Francisco

San Francisco District Five City Supervisor Vallie Brown has introduced a resolution banning cashless stores.

I swear these people just wake up in the morning inhale some fog and come up with wacky interventions (though it is rain mist from rainstorms rather than fog this time of year).

Brown originally introduced the bill last month but this past week modified the proposal to include Amazon Go among the ranks of stores that would need to modify their payment practices or be banned, reports Curbed.

Philadelphia made the move to ban cashless stores earlier this month, and New Jersey followed suit, becoming the second state to ban cashless stores (Massachusetts was the first state banning cashless stores way back in, get this, 1978).

I am never in favor of government interventions but I am going to keep my mouth shut about this one (other than between us friends here) since it is in a way a counter move to the federal government's attempts to eliminate cash transactions. The Feds have done everything from banning high denomination bills (Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers evem wants the one hundred dollar bill banned) to their intrusive currency reports that they make banks fill out.

Cash is a very important freedom against government surveillance.

And as far as Amazon Go is concerned, I am not a big fan of "Dr. Jekyl and  Mr. Hyde" Bezos, so as long as they are not messing with the Amazon online bookstore, I am not very concerned about how they harass him. Amazon Go is pretty much the food section of Walgreens.

So go Vallie!?


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