Saturday, February 2, 2019

Trump's Dumbass Decision to Break the 1987 US-Soviet Missile Treaty

Donald Trump
Eric S. Margolis explains:

[T]he far right neocons, led by the unbalanced John Bolton, have convinced Trump to break the 1987 US-Soviet short and intermediate missile treaty signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.  This landmark agreement led to the removal of all US and Soviet land-based missiles from Europe.  The pact was regarded as the first major step in reducing nuclear weapons.

The 1987 treaty was a godsend for Europe, which would have been ground zero in any nuclear exchange.  It was also a huge relief for Moscow which rightly feared that the highly accurate US Pershing missiles based in Europe could deliver a devastating surprise strike, known as decapitation, on Soviet government leadership targets.  Moscow’s retaliation would have razed Paris, London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam and other important targets.

Over recent months, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been responding to growing US nuclear threats by vaunting new developments in his nation’s missile technology.  If accurate and actually deployed, these new hypersonic and nuclear-powered missiles with immense range will make obsolete all of US anti-missile defenses, a topic much loved by Trump.

Now, Trump & Co. are preparing to junk this crucial piece of Cold War architecture and resume the arms race with Russia.  Pentagon sources say the real reason is to counter China’s missiles, which were not a factor in 1987, and have proliferated in recent years.  Increasingly accurate, these Chinese tactical and strategic missiles are a major source of concern to the US Navy and US Asian bases.

But the US still has ample land, air and ocean-based nuclear forces to inflict immense damage on China.  Violating the bedrock 1987 treaty with Moscow hardly seems worth adding some US nuclear-armed missiles in Guam, Japan or South Korea.



  1. The good of what Trump is doing in Syria and Afghanistan is definitely tempered by this and the Venezuelan disaster in the making.

  2. Well, we could try an article 25, but then you get PENCE! Glad I'm old and in another country (come Tuesday).

  3. But, but... Think of the JOBS!!!

  4. " Increasingly accurate, these Chinese tactical and strategic missiles are a major source of concern to the US Navy and US Asian bases."

    Thanks to Bill Clinton allowing them to attain that technology no doubt.

    This is an unfortunate move by the Trump administration.