Thursday, February 28, 2019


So it turns out that Kim Jong-un is not as easy to get in the sack as Stormy Daniels.

Surrounded by crazed neocons, President Trump in Hanoi wanted to dispense with foreplay and wanted North Korea's leader to pull his nukes out---on their second date!

Is this Trump-style seduction? Is this the art of the deal?

Kim is not blind--or stupid. He has seen how the United States has treated other leaders not in the pocket of the Empire. See: Muammar Gadhafi, Bashar al-Assad, Nicol├ís Maduro and the changing Iranian leaders.

Demanding Kim take apart his nukes as a first step is absurd.

Trust needs to be gained over time. Something that Trump and his neocon advisers apparently don't want to develop.

Trump, as a goodwill gesture, should have unilaterally ended sanctions against the country. Seduce the North Korean people with American made jeans and cellphones. Make Kim look like a genius to his people.

Let the American temptations of a high standard of living sink in. This could take years. Then you make your moves with demands about nukes etc. But to demand denuclearization out of the gate is a loser move.

Trump has just made the world a much more dangerous place.




  1. Did anyone think the Idiot of the deal would have a clue about genuine diplomacy? Lets remember we are talking the leader of the foremost terrorist govt on the planet.

    When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail

    1. "Lets remember we are talking the leader of the foremost terrorist govt on the planet."

      Are you a member of the John Bolton fan club? How does North Korea count as the foremost terrorist government on the planet?

  2. The US government's position, as usual, defies logic. Of the two carrots, denuclearizing and lifting sanctions, the former is a lot more permanent, and thus should be the last thing to happen. Sanctions are a much more flexible tool; the US government could lift them to see if it generates a response and, if not, re-impose them. But once the North Korean government denuclearizes, that's it; it's much harder to re-nuclearize if the sanctions are re-imposed.