Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Vicious Attack On Tulsi Gabbard By NBC News

 Tulis Gabbard
The heroic anti-war and anti-foreign meddling positions of presidential candidate Tulis Gabbard are drawing out the vicious establishment attack dogs.

They will distort and twist anything to complete their vicious takedown.

She is drawing more fire here in the United States than from when she was on activity duty in Iraq. And of all the hits, the latest from NBC News is the most outrageous.



  1. Quick: someone remind me why we hate the Russians? I know we are supposed to, but I forgot why.

  2. They make vodka which means little water: voda = water, ki = little. That's why we hate them this week.

    1. Actually, it doesn't mean anything like that. The relationship between "voda" (вода, water) and "vodka" (водка, vodka) is as between neutral/respectful and colloquial/derivative/dismissive (compare "bahbah" - "woman" (used mostly by males) and "babka" - "grandma" with undertones of being useless or obnoxious). The -ka forms are pretty old, so meanings of the root words and -ka forms sometimes diverged (as in case of voda and vodka; by the way, the proper modern diminutive for voda is vodichka). Colloquial Russian often creatively uses grammatical or derivative forms of words (and even deliberate misspellings) to convey nuances and meanings (to the point of complete
      incomprehensibility to non-native speakers, as in case of "mat", the notoriously expressive swearing, in which one can convey somewhat complex meanings by manipulating a few basic profane words.)

  3. The more hate they throw at her, the more I like her.

  4. "She is drawing more fire here in the United States than from when she was on activity duty in Iraq." That's a great line. I've been for Tulsi 2020 since she dared to say she didn't fear the Clintons or hteir retribution like so many others did. when she endorsed Bernie in 2016. Tulsi knows the difference between foreign policy "experience" and "good judgment." She knew that Hillary Clinton had the so-called experience but she said Sanders had the good judgment that is required for a commander in chief.