Thursday, February 28, 2019

On This Idea That Trump Didn't Expect to Win the Election

I see in the comments at the post, INCREDIBLE: Judge Napolitano vs. Alan Dershowitz, that many have bought into the nonsense spewed by Michael Cohen that Donald Trump never expected to win the presidential election.

I have it from people who Trump called about everything from ballot access questions and to demographics, a number of years before his announced decision to run for president.

The people he contacted are experts but not generally known. In other words, Trump was doing heavy duty research (personally!) into the weeds of how a campaign would have to be run. It was not the actions of someone who was planning a presidential run only for name branding purposes.



  1. It wasn't brought by Michael Cohen. It was brought by Michael Wolf in his book "Fire And Fury" many months before Cohen's testimony - you can take that any way you want, it's a fact it was obvious to most that Trump wasn't running a serious campaign, that he was lucky a lot of knuckle-draggin cretins, scared too much about the prospect of "being replaced" by brown hordes, came in numbers to vote for him. Cohen merely corroborated what was obvious to everyone else. Even Melania was surprised by her husband's unexpected win; it took her months to abandon her palace of solitude in NY to go live in the White House with Orange Potato man, a person so sure of his coming victory he more than insinuated he was going to contest the election. His competitor ran her campaign as a person who expected to win no matter what she did. Hitlery is odious, to be sure, but if she had ran a better campaign, more people would have turned to vote for her rather than let a racist con man win.

    1. LOL.

      He is very full of himself, just because others thought he couldn't win doesn't mean he didn't think he could. Doesn't make much sense to believe he's a megalomaniac AND didn't expect to win, just saying.

    2. Neither one of you is more right. As it turns out the Liberal nut jobs beyond Hillary throughout the swamp put the Cheeto in office.

  2. Sorry, Robert, I really don't think he thought he was going to win. I'm reminded of that scene at the end of the movie, "The Candidate", where Redford, having won, says:"Now what?"

  3. Your headline and opening paragraph address something that is completely different from your two final paragraphs. I'm not sure how they relate.

    Researching whether or not to run for president, researching the process, understanding ballot access , digging into the weeds of the campaign process does not mean that you expect to win.

    It means you expect to run.

    An expectation of winning comes from how well you perform on the campaign trail, the polling, the mood of the electorate, a competent campaign, etc.

    I don't think Trump expected to beat Hillary. And that, for instance, was reflected in the chaos of the transition process that Chris Christie was supposed to be heading up. It was not very advanced the morning after the election. It was slowed way down because nobody within the Trump campaign transition team expected Trump to win.

    The expectation was that Hillary was going to win. Which is why Democrats have had such a meltdown from which they have never recovered. It's why the Russia collusion plot was hatched so as to discredit Trump's surprising win and attempt to remove him from office.

  4. i saw that too and thought bloody nonsense of course trump expected to beat clinton. and he did it with the quite backing of the establishment to rid the govt of the baleful Clinton influence. nobody wanted that the clintons already dominated the democratic to an annoying degree the whole place would be dominated by them