Thursday, February 21, 2019

Judge Slams Roger Stone With Full Gag Order Surrounding His Trial

Following an Instagram post by Roger Stone where he placed a picture of the judge in his trial, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, next to what appear to be crosshairs, Jackson ordered him back in court today.

After hearing testimony from Stone, the judge has announced she is prohibiting him from making any public statements about his case, the investigation, or any participants in the investigation. "Period."

If Stone violates this gag order, the judge says, according to Zoe Tillman, she will revoke his bond and detain him pending trial. Stone is getting a second chance, Jackson says, but this is not baseball — there will be no third chance.

Here is some fascinating what was real-time reporting by Tillman:



  1. You too may be tried in the court of public opinion, but you will not be allowed to defend yourself. Got it?
    It's not supposed to work both ways.
    If we don't like you, you going' down.

  2. Huh, did the judge tell the prosecution to keep their mouths shut as well?

  3. People have a moral and legal right to defend themselves to their fullest ability. Clearly, part of that is being able to speak, to communicate, to tell anyone and everyone your side of the story (at your own peril too, I might add---especially in this modern world, where everything can be preserved and used against you). So it blows my mind that Judges can impose Gag Orders that obviously violate that foundational principle of liberty and justice. It strongly suggests that the prosecution isn't all that confident in their case, and secure in their ability to counteract such messaging.
    Yes, I get that bond conditions---like probation conditions---are considered a separate animal, but...