Tuesday, February 26, 2019

House Subpoenas Trump Over Family Separations at Border


The House Oversight Committee has voted today to subpoena Trump administration officials over its “zero tolerance” family separations at the southern border.

The decision by the Committee will compel the heads of the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services to deliver documents to lawmakers.

“When our own government rips children from the arms of their mothers and fathers with no plans to reunite them, that is government-sponsored child abuse,” the committee’s chair, Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, said.

Actually, it is worse than that, it is kidnapping.

Trump needs to be tarred and feathered over this move.

The often decent conservative Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has gone creep on this and is protecting these barbaric acts of the Administration.

Jordan sent Cummings a letter arguing that the subpoenas would not be necessary.

“We should not rush to compel documents from the departments, especially when they have sought to comply with your request voluntarily,” wrote Jordan.

Cummings said the documents already submitted to the committee were vastly incomplete.

“The information we got was not one name, not one number,” Cummings said. “Zilch.”



  1. I fully support the policy of separating children at the border with their alleged parents. This policy was meant to provide a disincentive to bring children. Besides, how do we know they are being brought for sex trafficking or worse?

    Anyway RW, you truly are an anti-American POS like most libertardians. This policy was in effect under other administrations.

    We don't anymore turd world trash into this country.

    Let us deport as many as possible:

  2. The Brazilian woman that attacked the guy in the MAGA hat is the poster child for deportation. He's sitting there, not bothering anyone, minding his business - and she attacks him!! But, she says she's the real victim. I hope they deport her immediately just on principle alone. She should realize, you don't go looking for trouble. She's too stupid to live here.

    1. No, she just another one of those 'natural libertarians' I hear so much about but can't seem to find down here in South Texas from those central and south American countries.

  3. Let them all in. I can take a couple of dozen in my house if they don't mind cramped quarters. Hell, I'll move into the garage and give my bedroom to a migrant family. It's only fair and I wouldn't want to seem unfair.