Saturday, February 2, 2019

HORRIFIC The Trump Administration is Possibly Shutting Down Some International Travel of Some Activists

This is simply shocking but not out of the realm for a president who has no core principles and is surrounded by yes men and neocons.

Two U.S. immigrant rights attorneys and two journalists who have worked closely with members of a migrant caravan in Tijuana said they had been denied entry into Mexico in recent days after their passports were flagged with alerts by an "unknown government."

Their stories are nearly identical reports The Los Angeles Times: All four report being detained by Mexican immigration authorities while trying to enter the country, and eventually being turned back because the authorities said their passports had been flagged.

The two attorneys who were denied entry into Mexico, Nora Phillips and Erika Pinheiro, are leaders of Al Otro Lado, a nonprofit group based in Los Angeles and Tijuana that has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Phillips, the legal and litigation director for Al Otro Lado, said she was detained Thursday evening after flying to Guadalajara for a planned vacation with her husband and 7-year-old daughter.

Mexican immigration agents scanned her passport and told her it triggered “an alert,” she said according to The Times.

Phillips said she was separated from her daughter and husband and escorted into a separate room in which Mexican officials peppered her with questions, including about how much money she was carrying, whether she had weapons training, and whether she ever had been arrested or convicted of a crime.

Her daughter was standing just outside the room and started crying. She was allowed to join her mother while the pair were detained for nine hours and had to sleep on a cold floor without food or water, Phillips said. Ultimately, they were turned away and placed on a flight back to Los Angeles.


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  1. that Putin!!!! will he stop at nothing?

  2. Piss on Soros' caravan and the individuals involved in this human trafficking scheme.