Saturday, February 9, 2019

Elderly Man Schools Government Copper, And Wants a Happy Meal



  1. I do admire people who so boldly expose the stupidity and libido dominandi of armed government workers, but where do these people find the time to do this?!

    1. Not having time to do it is what government counts on. Many of their rackets are based on the premise that people cannot afford the time to stand up for themselves. That's why tax increases, new taxes, fines, etc are typically done such that fighting them costs the individual more than simply paying.

      However sometimes the cops do intrude into one's life and time has to be made.

  2. All it would have taken is for one of the "protect and serve" coppers to run to Mickey D's and get the guy a happy meal and the whole thing is defused. Instead they pack up and commiserate on ways to bust the guy - reputation deserved.