Saturday, February 23, 2019

Early Bernie Sanders Delusion (Propaganda?)

Bernie Sanders
The below clip shows really astounding commentary from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

When Sanders (and his wife) made the comments  in 1988, the Soviet Union was a hellhole.

(ht Peter Klein)


  1. Bernie is probably fine with a compulsory community if it produces the things he raves about. At the same time he seems incurious about what lies below the surface, a view of the underbelly of Soviet society. To do so might create for him a serious conflict. And since the scapegoat of Soviet capitalism would not be available he would have to suppress and/or lie to himself to maintain his faith in the goodness of the state, etc.

  2. Clearly age, biological gender, race, and ethnicity have nothing to do with one's political philosophy; we have Occasional-Cortex and Sanders both advocating socialism.

  3. I'm surprised that these dupes had such a naively sanguine view of the USSR at such a late stage of its existence. I mean, I can maybe understand the Pollyanna attitude in the 30s when so many Marxists and Progressives saw only what they wanted to see when they returned from fact-finding trips to the USSR. But by the late 80s, I'm pretty sure the curtain of falsehoods and delusion was pulled aside, and no one was buying the narrative of glimmering cities, well-fed and happily-employed citizens, and overflowing bounty.
    What an idiot!