Saturday, February 2, 2019

Daniel McAdams Has Had It With Trump

Trump and neocon John Bolton.
Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, judging by a series of tweets, appears to have had enough of President Trump and his neocon advisors.

And he has a very good point.

The problem is, and this has been from the start of Trump's administration, that Trump has no guiding principles (other than an odd obsession with the non-problem of trade deficits).

He can be talked into anything. And with neocons surrounding him, he is being talked into all kinds of very dangerous foreign meddlings that have zero to do with the national security of the United States. In fact, such meddling increases national security dangers.

But there is sanity in the world:

 Gabbard is a long-shot presidential candidate but with such a large field maybe the gods will give us a break and let her take home a victory.



  1. Wow! Tulsi is at least a little bit sane, and also quite beautiful.

  2. I don't get it. The Trump administration started with such promise. Candidate Trump appeared to be onto the NeoCon's game. Now he seems to hire only NeoCons. Was Candidate Trump lying to us? Has he had a change of heart? Or is he so simple minded that the NeoCons can play him like a fiddle?

  3. Maybe the Gods will give us a break and hit Congress with a meteor during thee SOTU address.

  4. Corruption, inflation, repression, drug addiction... did State steal that from DHS?

  5. I wish everyone, lovely Tulsi included, would finally realize that government is not a good idea done poorly, but instead is an evil idea being done very well.