Saturday, February 23, 2019

Charles Barkley's Advice on How to Create a Hoax Crime Without Getting Caught

Charles Barkley 
Former NBA great Charles Barkley had some serious fun at the expense of Jussie Smollett, who attempted to pull off a racial hoax crime in Chicago.

Smollett had reported to police he was attacked by two white men in the Streeterville section of Chicago and that they told him, "N...s don't belong in the neighbourhood," and that it was "MAGA country."

Smollett claimed they beat him up, put a rope around his neck and poured bleach over him. It turns out the attack was staged and Smollett paid two Nigerians he knew to help in staging the attack.

During an "NBA on TNT" broadcast where Barkley is an analyst, he advised that if you are going to create a racial hoax you shouldn't pay your accomplices by check.

He also said you don't buy your rope, bleach and ski masks all in the same store at the same time.

Good for Charles singling out the idiot that Smollett is.
Barkley also addressed Smollett directly during the show:
Jussie, you wasted all that damn time and money. You know what you shoulda did? Just went up to Liam Neeson’s neighborhood. You coulda solved all your damn problems.
The actor Neeson recently made headlines for saying that some 40 years ago for a short period he had developed a desire to kill a black man after learning that a friend had been raped one.


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  1. The Three Stooges in blackface doin fakecrimes that Amerikuns won' do.
    Simply hilarious.
    One perp almost looks like the PoChief of Chicago.

    IdrissTV @idrisstv
    Feb 22

    How #JussieSmollett Rehearse his “Attack”🤕| #GayTupac #MAGA #FridayFeeling #Hoax #DonaldTrump

    #JussieSmollett rehearsed his attack with 2 Nigerian Brothers to pull off one of the biggest hoax of all time!
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