Saturday, January 19, 2019

VIDEO: Democratic Socialists Surround 'SCUM!' Substitute Teachers' Cars To Enforce Teacher Strike

The Democratic Socialists of America have been protesting against substitute teachers for the Los Angeles public school system during a teachers' strike.

It is a bit problematic for libertarians to support any side here. It is socialists versus the government versus government employees but I am posting these video clips to show the ability of the DSA to bring together aggressive supporters.



  1. Eliminating "public" property and returning to a strong commitment to property rights would solve a lot of the confusion on who's right and wrong here. But sticking with that argument nowadays is like advocating a return to the halcyon days of paddle-wheel shipping.

    1. One hopes that, until we sort out property rights, even some of the lunatics who choose to live in CA (RW and David Gordon, excluded) will realize that homeschooling can enable them and their children to avoid being impacted by these intra-state scuffles.

  2. True enough.
    #1 on my priority list, if I were Grand Master of Time, Space and Dimension: Abolish government the interests of the Long Game, as well as the Short Game.

  3. Soooooo the striking teachers are "For the children", but if someone wants to teach and pretty much take care of the most needy children - the ones whose parents can't afford to take time off of work to care for them during the day - then they are trying to stop them. The strike would be more effective AT THE LAUSD OFFICE downtown. Let's see the LAUSD administrators cross the picket lines. I'll have my bag of popcorn ready.