Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Trump "Wins" Border Wall Televised "Crisis" Battle Against Democrats

President Trump addressing
 the nation from the oval officeon Tuesday evening.
Update below.

By Robert Wenzel

President Donald Trump in his first televised address to the nation gave a dull. boring speech, spewing nonsense.

But the Democrats handed him the "win," if it can be called that, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer appeared on television together in response to Trump's address.

Pelosi spoke first with Schumer standing next to her in a frightening statue-like pose. He stayed in that pose for the entirety of Pelosi's comments except for one rigid turn toward her and nod in a kind of Herman Munster-like manner.

When Schumer began to speak, Pelosi assumed the rigid pose.

The immediate thought that came to mind was that the Grant Wood painting "American Gothic" was going to get a workout on social media. And sure enough, when I opened my Twitter feed just after the speeches, this was already up:
Trump's hardcore supporters probably weren't energized by Trump's speech but they most certainly were by the Schumer-Pelosi stone face farmer in the dell performance. They gave Trump a "win" by an unforced error.

As for the meat of the addresses, Trump babbled on that illegals would drive down the wages of Americans, especially blacks and legal Hispanics. But this is nonsense that is usually spouted by Trump's immigrant-hating adviser Stephen Miller. I addressed the fallacy last year:

Trump also babbled about the wealthy in America putting up walls and suggested that it wasn't different than the government putting up a wall.  I have addressed that fallacy here: Is the Wall Around Barack Obama's House the Same Thing as a Border Wall?

Trump went on to say that coyotes were trafficking in children at the border to create fake families that would be granted asylum, but an on-air CNN fact checker discounted that claim. The president also said that one in every three women heading to the US border is sexually assaulted. It is unclear where Trump got that number and the fact checker didn't even know. But Trump failed to connect the dots that those taking such risks to travel to the US border must consider taking the risk as a better alternative than staying where they are.

Trump also dished out a bunch of illegal immigrants crime stories and data but failed to put the numbers into context. It was a junior level example of how to lie with statistics.

In the Democratic response, nothing was said. They are first and foremost a party of big spenders and big government so they have no clue how to respond in opposition to a president who wants to spend more and expand the government.

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Pelosi And Schumer Become Instant Memes After Response To Trump’s Border Wall Speech

As the pair stood stoically together schooling the president, Twitter users couldn’t help but turn them into memes.

we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed

your father and i are going to take turns talking to you now

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  1. Oxymoron of the day: "CNN fact checker"

    1. He was actually pretty good as far as fact-checkers go, albeit it must be recognized that he had an easy job since Trump's falsehoods weren't particularly clever or subtle.

  2. The illegals needs to be kicked out and now. I don't know why this is so hard for you to understand that these people are human garbage that come from dysfunctional societies.

    Trump should have also directed the IRS to track down all illegal stolen SS numbers usually by the illegal population.

    1. "stolen SS numbers." This brings to mind the fact that Social Security is a liability that if not for the illegals would be in much deeper doo-doo much sooner.

  3. Robert you could not be any more wrong on the question of illegal immigration into the US. Perhaps your hatred of Trump is clouding your reason here? We've got a major problem with illegal immigration and it's getting worse not better. Do you want the US to become a 3rd World country to spite Trump?

    1. Re: Widhalm19,

      --- We've got a major problem with illegal immigration ---

      Why? What's the difference between a person who carries the government's transit papers and one who does not, in terms of what each is: human beings, comung here to work?

      --- and it's getting worse not better.---

      Apprehensions at the border and immigration rates from the south are at a ten year low, so you're lying. Or you're deluding yourself - which one is it?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Re: Sherlock,
      ── The legitimacy of the immigration law notwithstanding (Romans 13 for me there), ──

      You're not much of a Theologian, but OK.

      ── there is a difference in approach between illegal and legal migration. ──

      The only difference is in the opportunity cost for each, THAT'S ALL. An "illegal" immigrant is no less a moral being than any other type of immigrant. The difference is the level of PROHIBITION that the States imposes.

      ── One starts with respect for the host society's rule of law [...] ──

      The reason no serious person should take your musings and rants with anything close to even polite regard is that you keep confusing law with Rule of Law. You can have effing-million laws and still not have Rule of Law. People who kept themselves inside the Berlin walls were very respectful of "the law". The ones who jumped to freedom were criminals - in the eyes of the State, of course. The difference here is that the target of your projected hatred is immigrants from the south.

      And ALL immigrants are a net gain, not just who received the State's permission. Immigrants are LABOR, the most productive economic good there is.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. --- The president also said that one in every three women heading to the US border is sexually assaulted. It is unclear where Trump got that number and the fact checker didn't even know. ---

    That's because he made it up.

  5. The two of them are like unfunny versions of The Munsters.

  6. Does anyone remember the "border crisis" from the Obama days? Back then the right cried about the border being littered with prayer mats and "terrorist manuals" as armies of terrorist walked across the border. Yet, just like a leftist, Goreian hockey stick, that crisis ended when folks got tired of misplaced angst.