Monday, January 7, 2019

Trump Supporter at Elizabeth Warren Iowa Rally Arrested for Attempted Assault

A supporter of President Donald Trump was arrested after allegedly hitting another attendee with a selfie stick outside an event in Storm Lake, Iowa on Saturday for 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, reports NBC News.

As Warren mingled with the overflow crowd outside a roundtable event, witnesses told NBC News the Trump supporter unfurled a Trump banner and began yelling, which led to an altercation with other attendees. When one man tried to pull down the banner, witnesses said the Trump supporter struck the man on the head with a selfie stick.

The protester, whom police have only identified at this point as a 58-year-old Minnesota native, was handcuffed. While in cuffs, he yelled “Trump 2020!” before being placed in the back of a police car and taken to the county jail.

"Police observed a person, who was in the overflow crowd outside of the facility, allegedly become very vocal while Senator Warren was outside greeting the attendees," the Storm Lake Police Department said in a statement, adding that he "became aggressive and attempted to assault others in the crowd."

Chalk this up to an extreme neorightist on the violent end of the neoright spectrum.

I hasten to add,  there is a small possibility that this was a false flag operation run by the left but I doubt it. We will learn more when the man's name is released. Here is video of the man being arrested:

I should note that the left is chanting "down with hatred," but the left is not exactly anti-violent in this day and age. They are particularly vicious in attempting to block others from speaking at all kinds of venues, physical locations and on the internet.

What we have here is two triggered segments, left and right, from the more violent primitive lower rungs of the masses.



  1. Of course NBC would make a big deal out of this non-event. Trying to extrapolate the actions of one individual to millions of people is much worse than his actions though. Some Libertarians might say the banner was his private property so the guy who was trying to take it down or destroy it (whatever he was trying to do) was the aggressor. Also, if he was holding it at the time, this is likely legally an act of battery. Would need to know details from witnesses, not NBC, to know what happened.

  2. The constant harassment of Trump supporters continues to be deemed not newsworthy by the MSM.