Thursday, January 24, 2019

Trump: I Will Deliver State of the Union 'When the Shutdown is Over'

This is very strange.

President Trump up until now has indicated that he would deliver his State of the Union address despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's disinvite from delivering the speech in the House Chamber because of the partial government shutdown.

Now he has apparently had an about-face. In other words, the master showman can't think of another venue to deliver his message with power and majesty.

It is difficult to understand how this about-face is going to make him look strong to his base. He is handing Pelosi a win. It is not hard to think of how a powerful speech, delivered from wherever, could have rallied the base and heaped all kinds of blame on Pelosi, including for her unwillingness to allow him to address Congress and the nation from the House Chamber. He could have framed it as a "You deserve to know the State of the Union," speech even if he just delivered it over television from the Oval office.

But instead, we get these wimpy tweets:

The president was scheduled to deliver the speech on Jan. 29.



  1. Who would have thought the president could be bullied by a San Francisco liberal.

  2. There are cracks in the Democrat ranks...Pelosi cancelled house sessions for rest of week. When Trump acts differently from usual, you know he is being strategic and something is in play