Friday, January 4, 2019

The Rising Clout of the Left

Nancy Pelosi
One of the things that I believe Libertarians for Trump miscalculated is the energization of the left because of Trump. It would be one thing if Trump was actually delivering on libertarian-themed policies but that is not the case. He is very erratic, outside of his desire to slap tariffs on here and there and there is nothing that libertarians can count on him delivering---aside from barbs.

Noam Chomsky is correct when he says Trump is something of a sideshow, a distraction machine, while the Deep State continues its operations.

Indeed, even the Trump ballyhooed exit from Syria appears now to be "delayed" and removal of just half the US troops in Afghanistan may be completely off the table.

But the left is energized.

Greg Sargent writes in The Washington Post:
Dave Weigel reports that House Democrats will hold hearings on Medicare for All with Pelosi’s support, another sign of the rising clout of the left and the salutary impact it’s having on the debate.
I mean Trump hate is fully energizing these nutjobs. The Democratic Socialist, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — who was sworn in earlier Thursday, celebrated later near Capitol Hill in the evening with this comment before members of the George Soros-funded MoveOn organization.

What is worse is I fully expect Trump will cave on anything that Ann Coulter doesn't bark at him about. He is scared of her, but I wouldn't classify her as a libertarian.



  1. ---"One of the things that I believe Libertarians for Trump miscalculated is the energization of the left because of Trump." ---

    They can't claim they were not warned, Robert. You warned them. Hedge fund investor Jonathan Hoenig warned people on 2015 that Trump would become the face of Capitalism for years to come if he was elected, during his TV presence on Fox News. But those 'libertarians' were swoon over by Trump's con-man assurances thwt he was anti-war and anti-fed. For some of them, he won then over with his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

  2. If someone doesn't do something to stop the flood of socialist voters pouring in, it doesn't matter how energized or complacent the Left is. They will eventually dominate the vote tallies as they dominate all of the cultural power centers. Trump is absurdly flawed from a libertarian perspective, but he was the only game in town when it comes to putting a dent in the flood of 3rd world socialists. Your can gripe about his tariff policy all you like, but if Leftists are winning 75% of vote tallies in 15 years, you are complaining about the proverbial deck chair arrangement on the Titanic.

    Robert, this is why you sound clueless to libertarian-leaning Trump supporters. We might be doing the daily facepalm, but he's the only chance we have if we want to see our children grow up in the relatively free society we've been able to enjoy.

    1. What "flood of Socialist voters" is your paranoid mind alluding to?

    2. Exactly, Sam. Many of these delusional "libertarians" pretend that these immigrants are coming in demanding small government and channeling Ron Paul, but I beg to differ. As the left now talks about doing away with the electoral college, and making DC a state, it's only a matter of time. Isn't celebrating diversity just wonderful?

    3. Re: Chubba Dog.

      ── Many of these delusional "libertarians" pretend that these immigrants are coming in demanding small government and channeling Ron Paul ──

      I don't know what 'libertarians' YOU pretend to know or read their minds, but no one *I* know is making that argument. The moral argument for immigration is based on the NAP and economic freedom, i.e. the freedom to engage in contract with whoever you damned please.

      It is besides any point to argue that immigrants may vote for A or B. Who the hell cares? If that was so important to you, you would be advocating for mass sterilization of the whole population, because who knows how many babies are going to grow up to be Democratic voters.

    4. Hey, Torres - Beto the fake Mexican is going to run for president. You must be so ecstatic that a fellow leftist is going to finish us off.

      You can stop with the "edgy" libertarian schtick. No one is buying it. We can read between the lines.

  3. Libertarians never swooned over Trump. But they did support specific policies of tax reduction, conservative SC appointments, and a less aggressive foreign military policy. If Trump nominates Jim Webb and if the Syrian and Afgan drawbacks happen, we would have gone three for three while Hillary would have struck out swinging.

  4. I question the premise. Is the Left more energized, more divided than ever, or something else? The Blue Wave didn't happen, even though it is normal for opposition parties to win big in midterms. Couldn't we say in 2010 that the Left miscalculated, and the Right was energized. That was an actual Red Wave. Where are the significant tangible results of an energized Left? They're loonier than normal? Honest question.