Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Red Lobster Seafood Chain Pulls Advertising From Tucker Carlson's Show

It's another win for the pro-censorship, anti-open debate lefties.

Red Lobster is no longer advertising on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, the chain told Business Insider.

Advertisers on the show, hosted by the neorightist Tucker Carlson, have been deluged with complaints about their ads appearing on his program

The lefties have now successfully gotten their claws around the seafood chain.

The restaurant chain follows at least 19 other advertisers that have cut advertising on the show since December, including IHOP, according to BI.

The extreme anti-open debate lefties are an aggressive group focused on shutting down ad sponsorship of those on the right they disagree with. The corporations buckle because "Who needs the hassle?" They just want to sell product.

This kind of harassment will be a blow to both lefties and righties with extreme positions because of lower ad flow. No doubt most advertisers are now telling media outlets to keep them away from controversial shows and topics.


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  1. Well at least I know another corporate monstrosity to boycott. I won't buy from Starbucks or any other leftist corporation if I can help it.