Friday, January 18, 2019

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE TOTALLY MAD: An Oxford Univ. Prez Had Octopus Taken Off Menu

Baroness Jan Royall
An Oxford president, Baroness Jan Royall, had octopus taken off a welcome dinner menu — arguing that the dish might be off-putting to disadvantaged students [who may have never eaten it before],  reports the New York Post.

Octopus was the starter meal at an introductory dinner for freshmen at Somerville College — one of Oxford University’s constituent campuses — last year. But Baroness Royall, the school’s president, had it removed.

 "I’m sure the cephalopod dish was delicious, but it might not be quite right for everyone. I have asked our catering colleagues to ensure that the first dinner at the beginning of term features dishes everyone is comfortable with,” she continued, without offering any more specifics.

How much of a politically correct elitist snob nutjob do you have to be to think that the "disadvantaged" attending the Oxford University system would not want to try a new dish?


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  1. Presumptuous and patronizing. Not a surprising response from the “compassionate” left, and a Baroness to boot. Oy!