Wednesday, January 23, 2019

MUST WATCH: The Most Important Video on the Covington Boys Washington D.C. Confrontation

Lincoln Memorial
Glenn Beck is a very curious character.

That said, he has done an absolutely brilliant job of putting together the timeline of what really happened at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 18, 2019, when Black Hebrew Israelites and Native American Indians came to protest and high schools students from Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky assembled there to wait for their bus to take them back to Kentucky.

The below will be one of the most important videos that you will watch in 2019, perhaps it will be the most important video. This is the only video I have seen that shows a complete and accurate story. It is a must view.



  1. Wow, has it occurred to anyone that it's quite peculiar that the whole country seems entralled with this incident, while no one would have even known about it if it were not for certain parties that want it to be the center of attention? For what reason is all this? How does this really effect anyone?

    Maybe , just maybe , this incident or all the videos and commentary about it don't matter.


    Not a criticism, I just suspect this any time the whole country seems obsessed about anything in particular. 😂

    1. A fad is just a conspiracy which succeeds more on luck and random chance than effective planning and execution.

  2. The bastard Nathan Phillips and his group tried to interrupt the solemn Mass for Life vigil at the huge National Shrine Basilica (Cathedral) with standing room only crowd of kids attending for their pro-life cause. Good for the security guards who stopped it.

  3. Glenn's commentary will stand a corrupt journalism watershed event when looked at from the wisdom of the future! He is irrefutable in his analysis and this event is the confirmation of a long dead impartial media in this country and I say stay strong Covington boys!

  4. Interesting, a little overblown toward the end, but Beck is dead wrong about the use of the name Gad to describe Nathan Phillips. He claims that the Black Israelite calling out "Here comes Gad!" As Phillips approaches the Covington boys is an insult, that he is calling Philips a "false god," and references Isaiah 65. There is nothing in Isaiah or in the Old Testament about a false god named Gad. There are two Gads in the Old Testament: the second one was a prophet during the time of David, and the first was one of the twelve sons of Jacob. This Gad's descendants formed one of the "ten lost tribes" of the diaspora, and have often been associated with indigenous Americans, going back as far as the 17th-century missionary John Eliot. So, not a false God, and not (I don't believe) an insult.