Monday, January 28, 2019

Koch Network Won't Back Trump in 2020: But is Afraid to Shout "Liberty For All!"

Charles Koch
The Koch political network has informed allies and donors that they will again not support President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020, according to The Washington Post.

The report states that Charles Koch has quietly spent the last few months indicating to donors that the network will not support Trump’s re-election bid, and instead will remain neutral during the 2020 presidential race.

The network did not support Trump in 2016. But the Koch operation is still expected to be a player in 2020: Koch-backed groups such as Americans for Prosperity plan to support candidates for U.S. Senate and governor.

Trump is a problem but the Koch network just doesn't appear to have the balls to go full out in support of liberty.

Muddying any free market message, spokesman James Davis said the network plans to make a “significant investment to support policy champions in Senate, House and state races, build broad-based policy coalitions, and to launch a major new initiative to fight poverty in America.”

Oh, how things could have been if the Koch brothers years ago adopted Murray Rothbard's strategic plan to advance liberty.



  1. Kochs sending gazillions of dollars to neocons over the years while not giving a dime to Ron Paul or Trump when they ran for President really says it all about what their agenda truly is, and it's not liberty or even nationalism.

    1. Wait, what? Trump stands in stark contrast to anyone who wants liberty. He's anti-libertarian to the core. How can you even speak Ron Paul's name in the same breath as Trump?