Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Kamala Harris Calls for End to Private Health Insurance

Kamala Harris 
This is bad, really bad.

Kamala Harris appeared at a town hall on Monday night at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

The event was sponsored by CNN and broadcast live. She was charismatic, engaging with the live audience and came across as competent and commanding of the facts to the television audience. She couldn't have had a better performance.

That said, her positions were horrific.

The audience questions were mostly of the form "What are you going to do for me?" And her basic answer to each question was "I am going to do a lot for you." She did not add to each answer, but she should have,"in a socialist, central planning fashion."

Most remarkable, she called for the end to private health insurance and says she wants to put everyone on Medicare.

She said she favored universal pre-kindergarten care for all children and, of course, paid parental leave. And on top of that, she says she is in favor of a $500 monthly "tax credit"---which is really a monthly handout to those who are paying less than $6,000 a year in taxes.

She said she is in favor of additional taxes for those who earn over $10 million and a tax on those who have more than $50 million--suggesting that she is leaning toward some form of new tax plan that include both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's progressive tax and Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax.

Although she is from the Bay Area, I had never heard her speak before. I don't generally follow the extremely wacky local and state politics. The only thing I knew about her was the whispers that for a while she was sleeping with former SF mayor Willie Brown (84). Brown this past week confirmed the rumors.

That said, my first impression was that, at least in the format of a town hall, they don't get much smoother. I thought she had a better presence than Obama ever had. Which means she is real trouble.

During the 2016 presidential race, I stated many times that from a libertarian perspective Hillary Clinton would be better for strategic reasons then Donald Trump. I felt that Trump would suck out of the country all libertarian type protest about big government and that has occurred.

I wrote more than once that Hillary wouldn't be able to get the wave going at a baseball game. She is an uncharismatic crony. The idea that she would have gotten us into a nuclear war with Russia is absurd. She would be working every angle to get payoffs from Russia. But most important she would be a great punching bag for libertarians.

The real danger was that a Trump victory would drive the kids toward socialism and it has. The game is now changed.

Harris is different than Hillary. Whereas Clinton wouldn't be able to rally the masses, it appears that Harris could get a hometown crowd to cheer for the opposing team.

If they aren't for liberty, I am always against charismatic politicians. And Harris has tanker ships full of charisma. She would march this country even further down the socialist hellhole. A lot further.

If Harris gets the Democratic nomination, I would much prefer having to endure 4 more years of Mr. Comb Over. That's how dangerous I see Harris. I would rather have a bumbling, immigrant-hating president influenced by neocons, then a competent socialist who will also carry out neocon orders without question and efficiently.

What can I say, other than "Go Joe!"



  1. Politicians have Cadillac health care so what do they care what happens to us?

  2. I hope the insurance companies who backed Obamacare realize the can of worms they've unleashed.