Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Howard Schultz Blasts Elizabeth Warren's Socialism

I am not sure the former Starbucks CEO has what it takes to run for president (other than $4 billion in the bank). We shall see. But I do like this exchange between Schultz & the Morning Joe hosts as Schultz recounts denying Elizabeth Warren a campaign contribution and then smashes her socialism:
These lefties need to be called out for the socialists they are and if Schultz does nothing else this would be fine enough.


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  1. I wonder what his definition of "smart" is. I suppose that one can have a high measured IQ but still entertain idiotic ideas, but I'm sure that Schultz hasn't seen Warren's IQ-test results (only her DNA-test results). He can't believe that she's well read in history and economics, given his disdain for her philosophy. Has she achieved anything remarkable in her life, other than opening a beer bottle in a highly unorthodox way?

    So why does he think that she's smart?