Saturday, January 19, 2019

Data on Immigrant Rape in Sweden?

Individual 1 in my email exchange concerning immigrant rapists in Sweden (and Germany), that was the subject of my post An Exchange on Immigration (With Some Whoppers) continues to soldier on with data that doesn't prove anything.

He emails:
Swedish Rape Rate Increased
My response:
 Many are arguing that this is because of the feminazi expansion of the definition of rape in Sweden. Which by the way, was pointed out in one of the articles that were included in the Google search results you sent me. 
The data would have to be drilled down much deeper to get any real understanding of what it means.
For example, would you classify the rape charge against Julian Assange a case of a non-Swede rape and leave it at that or a case of an expanded definition of rape?
A further note: I continue to have an open mind as to what is going on in Sweden. However, I am highly suspicious that anything significant is going on in terms of rape. I have yet to see any facts that any increase in rape is occurring. And when I ask those who make the charge, they send me data that doesn't prove anything.


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