Sunday, January 27, 2019

Congressman Walter Jones in Hospice Care: 'One of the Few Good Guys'

Rep. Walter Jones
Longtime North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones is in hospice care, his wife announced Saturday.

Joe Anne Jones confirmed the news to WITN, but declined to elaborate on her husband’s condition. The 75-year-old congressman has missed votes since November and was granted a leave of absence by unanimous consent in the House Of Representatives in December. He was sworn in for his 13th term in his hometown of Farmville, North Carolina.

“Congressman Walter B. Jones’ (NC-3) health has declined after sustaining a broken hip last week,” his office said in a statement. “He is now in hospice care. The family asks for your prayers, and for their privacy to be respected during this difficult time.”

Felix Bronstein writes: "Pray for one of the few good guys on the Hill."

Jones has a lifetime rating of 84.69 from the American Conservative Union. However, Wikipedia notes, Jones drifted towards the libertarian spectrum when he changed his positions on foreign policy including the Iraq War. He was initially a strong supporter of the conflict in Iraq, but then became one of the leading Republicans opposed to continued involvement in Iraq.

Jones called on President George W. Bush to apologize for misinforming Congress to win authorization for the war. Jones said, "If I had known then what I know today, I wouldn't have voted for that resolution."

He endorsed Ron Paul in the 2008 race for president of the United States.

In April 2017, Jones has criticized U.S. involvement in Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.

He is a member of the advisory board of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. -RW 


  1. We're gonna miss him. A truly good man.

  2. This is very sad news to hear. My thoughts and prayers to him and his family.